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Metering Injectors

Metering Injectors

Approx. Rs 175 / depends on customer req

DMI-1 with Dosage 0.01 cc, 0.03 cc, 0.05 cc, 0.10 cc, 0.16 cc Per Stroke

DMI -2 With Dosage 0.25 cc, 0.40 cc Per Stroke.

DMI -3 With Dosage 1.00 cc, 1.60 Per Stroke

Note: Above metering injectors are available in M.S. as well as brass with honed bore Nitrile rubber parts & accurate dosage.

Float Switch for Lubrication System

Float Switch for Lubrication System

Approx. Rs 1,000 / Piece

DFSH -01, 02 DFSV -01,02 For sensing min. Oil level electrically with NO or NC (Top ON, Bottom ON) contact. Available in Horizontal & Vertical mounting type. (220 V AC / 24 V DC 1 Amp)
( All models of float switches are potential free)

Pneumatic / Hyd. Operated Piston Pumps

Pneumatic / Hyd. Operated Piston Pumps

Model DMPn - 3000-6 Reservoir Cap. 3 ltr., Discharge - 6cc per Stroke, Input Air Pr. 5-7 Kg / Cm²
Pressure setting 15-20Kg / Cm²
Optional: Float Switch

Model DMHy-3000-6 Reservoir Cap. 3 ltr., Discharge - 6cc per Stroke, this is a hydraulic operated type of pump, required the hydraulic pressure of oil is 15-20 Kg / Cm²

Optional: Float Switch

Take Off Metering Injectors

Take Off Metering Injectors

Approx. Rs 3,200 / depends on customer req

MODEL DMT -002 (No. of outlets-2)

MODEL DMT -003 (No. of outlets-3)

MODEL DMT -004 (No. of outlets-4)
The Take OFF metering injectors are made of zinc (pressure die casting) material.

The Take OFF metering injectors works on a different principle unlike the normal metering injectors which discharges the oil when pump is ON. In this case when the pump is ON the TAKE OFF injectors are charged and the spring loaded piston ejects (Pin) out thereby indicating TAKE OFF injectors are charged. When the pump stops the oil is flushed out from the injectors to the lubricating points and the piston goes back. A non return valve in each injectors does not allow oil to go back.

Manifolds (For DMI - 1 & DMI -2 Injectors)

Manifolds (For DMI - 1 & DMI -2 Injectors)

DM- 1 One Way ( for Single Injector)
DM- 2 Two Way ( for two Injectors)
DM- 3 Three Way ( for three Injectors)
DM- 4 Four Way ( for four Injectors)
DM- 5 Five Way ( for five Injectors)
DM- 6 Six Way ( for six Injectors)
DM- 7 Seven Way ( for seven Injectors)
DM- 8 Eight Way ( for eight Injectors)
DM- 9 Nine Way ( for nine Injectors)
DM- 10 Ten Way ( for ten injectors)

Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch

Approx. Rs 1,500 / Piece

DPS -830, DPS-320, DPS-020 Pressure range 8-30 Kg/ Cm² (adj.)
Pressure range 3-20 Kg/ Cm² (adj.)
Pressure range 0-20 Kg/Cm² ( adj.)

(Suitable For Lubricating / Hydraulic. Oil, 220 V AC Amp., Potential Free)

Grease Injector

Grease Injector

Approx. Rs 3,120 / Piece

Dropco developed a special heavy duty and preceise grease injector to meet industries need for proper lubrication.

Grease and Oil Hose Reel

Grease and Oil Hose Reel

DROPCO hose reel assembly is specially designed for oil and grease lubrication in different sizes like 1/4”, 1/2” & 3/8” Dia and 5 mtrs., 10 mtrs. & 15 mtrs. length with R-2 rating hose in coiled shape.

Grease gun and couplers can be supplied with hose as per users need for lubrication.

In-Line Filter (Basket Types)

In-Line Filter (Basket Types)

Approx. Rs 850 / Piece

  • No moving parts.
  • Leak proof body flange joint.
  • Designed for easy basket removal without tools.
  • Various basket options.
  • Out to In flow' or 'In to Out' flow.
  • In-line filter, just fix between flanges.
  • Completely closed system.
  • Housing as per pressure vessel design codes.
  • Inverted baskets self falling debris type.
  • Oil Filler Cum Air Breather

    Oil Filler Cum Air Breather

    Rotary Pump (Flange / Insert Type)

    DRP 0.50.5 Lpm
    DRP -11 Lpm
    DRP -33 Lpm
    DRP -66 Lpm
    DRP -1010 Lpm
    DRP -1616 Lpm
    DRP -2525 Lpm
    DRP -4040 Lpm
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